removing stains and scrathes from composite decking

stains we recommend using a composite specific cleaner for more effective stain removal. only with very . scrapes scratches. take care when moving plant pots and furniture, etc around your deck, use protective feet pads where necessary. surface scratches and abrasions will fade after weathering.

composite products is that you can have a great performing deck without the need for staining, oiling or painting etc, and the deck will continue to last without rotting, cracking or splinters. however, wood plastic composite products being wood-based and will only look their best if given some degree .

cleaning your plastic decking . scratches will trap dirt, look bad, and are difficult to clean . viruses and fungus but has not been proven effective in killing or removing molds on *porous surfaces such as composite decking and this fact is stated on the label .

composite materials have a brushed surface which makes it easy to sand out any scratches. however, these materials do not resist stains as well as newer capped composite materials, so if you have a stain that won't come out with either soap and water or a specialized solution such as corte*clean .

stain removal. composite decking is susceptible to stains from bbq grease, oil, and the tannin in some vegetation. best results are achieved if the stain is treated immediately with absorbent cloths then apply a . scratches can be removed with a light sand using 80 100 grit sandpaper, following the grain of the board.

scratches and scuff marks. use coarse grit sandpaper (40 grit or . clean up with a hot soapy sponge is recommended as the longer the oil or grease sits on the decking the more likely it is to penetrate and stain the surface.

decking by royal is resistant to moisture and backed by an extensive 25-year warranty against scratches, stains and the elements. and because zuri . remove rust stains caused by outdoor furniture and grills with household cleaners that contain hydrogen chloride, such as toilet bowl cleaners. never use .

cleaning saige longlife composite decking . if stains have set into the composite deck, as with wood, they are hard to remove. fine sandpaper (on our sand finished . in case of small scratches you can use fine sandpaper following the wood grain or a small wire brush for brush finish decking.

it's actually much easier than it seems. most pvc deck manufacturers are more than willing to provide a list of recommended deck cleaning products and suggestions. take timbertech as an example. they suggest using deckmax to handle stubborn scratches and stains from their xlm ® decking.

if your deck becomes marked in any way use light grain sand paper or a scourer rubbed gently along the surface of the board to ensure your composite deck is kept in scratch free condition do not rub too hard as this will remove the surface coating on your composite decking compromising its slip resistance .

deckmax products maximize the beauty of your composite deck with easy 1-step application. it helps clean your deck and removes scratches, stain, scuffs, suntan lotion, grease and even rust while revitalizing the color, luster and sheen of your pvc deck.

some quick tips to keep your fiberon composite deck looking its best . it never needs sanding, staining, or refinishing, and it won't splinter, crack, or decay like wood decking, either . tools such as a spatula or putty knife may be effective in removing debris; however, they could scratch the decking.

composite decking is virtually maintenance free, needing only periodic cleaning to keep it looking great: general cleaning . the permadeck composite decking surface will stain if oil, grease, wine, plant matter or rust is allowed to remain on the surface and penetrate the fibres. a strong solution of .

stains, grime and dirt. periodic cleaning -- about once a year -- helps maintain the bright appearance of composite decking. while most deck washes work well with composites as well as with woods, check the label on the container to make sure the product is safe for composite materials. heavy grime can be attacked with .

cleaning recommendations. ice and snow; painting/staining/sealing; dirt, grime, tannin and mildew stains; spot stains. scratches, nicks .

deck care cleaning instructions . grease stains. warm, soapy water sponge (laundry detergent without bleach is best), alcohol wipes for spot cleaning . for larger scratches or scuffs, a heat gun (available at most building products or hardware stores) may be used to carefully heat and blend the blemished portion of .