building a wooden fence on a slope

fencing and stepped fences . install a fence that follows natural slope of your yard, or build a stepped fence . contoured fencing. building fence hill - contoured fencing. the rails on a contour fence follow the slope of the ground. 1. run a mason's line between stakes.

building your fence on a slope, plan to step the fence down the hill, setting each section lower than the one preceding it . when you order lumber, specify construction-heart redwood or cedar or ground-contact, pressure-treated wood for all posts and bottom rails; upper rails and fencing can be less expensive .

slope is a steep one, rather than have huge gaps under the panels it is better to dig out some of the slope and drop the end of the panel into the "trench". however fences are not made to go underground and in these situations a gravel board is fitted between the posts. a garden wall is built in exactly the same way .

in my experience, once we got building we were very happy that we had decided against doing that very thing- it's enough work already! and after just a couple months of growth the bottom of the fence was totally obscured anyway. i wonder if your house is a mid century style? horizontal fences always look .

diy instructions on how to build a fence on a slope. sloped yardfield fencefence ideasgate ideasdriveway gateprivacy fencesdog fencegarden fencesoutdoor decor. how to build a fence on a slope.fence will come a bit later, but it's on the list, and we've got slopes!