house boat walls panel

house was conceived as two upturned hulls propped together and facing the sea. douglas fir ribs are propped against a concrete frame that extends up from the solid base. the ribs in turn support curved prefabricated panels to create the external walls. a glazed west screen faces the sea. although a simple concept.

houseboat wall panel composite board. apr 27, 2016 . the resource come from:products.html main .

houseboat that is a combination of new york loft-style condo and boutique hotel room. their designer calls them "mobile architecture." photo of a upscale houseboat. the exterior walls are made by mixing recycled glass with a polymer into panels that are sandwiched .

a couple who dreamed of living off grid in the capital have designed a pioneering solar-powered houseboat that could revolutionise britain's waterways . the boat is mechanically ventilated and the walls and ceiling have 70mm foam insulation (almost triple that of most steel hull boats) to keep it warmer .

boat will be in a cold weather climate, so i'm also wondering if the spray-foam polymer insulation that has become popular in home construction is viable on . also, blind fasteners and velcro are very common for attaching finish panels to interior walls that can be removed to access cable and plumbing.