fire pit deck mat

deck where you'd like to use it, after which you can place the fire pit on top. another idea is to use a special heat-resistant fire pit mat, which as the name suggests is designed to withstand the 450+ degree temperature of a fire pit. either way, you need something underneath .

fire pit mat to protect your wood deck, patio, or grass from the heat. find out what to look for when buying.

the deck protect is a fireproof mat that protects your deck from burning from hot embers from your firepit, grill or chiminea. the deck protect® is hand crafted in the usa and is the only one of its kind. it is woven with volcanic rock fibers and designed to withstand high temperatures to protect your deck or .

deck or home. if you're using a wood-burning fire pit, make sure you have enough space to position the fire pit in the center of the protective mat or tiled area. embers can travel several feet, especially on a windy day, so don't take .

deck protect is the only system that fully protects your deck from the intense heat that can be generated under a fire pit. sturdy rubber feet keep the aluminum tray above the deck providing air flow and protecting the deck from mildew and stains. superior protection from heat compared to mats and pads; safe for use on .

when relaxing with your outdoor fire pit and enjoying the warmth in a cold night, it doesn't help to worry about what damage your fire pit could have on your outdoor living space. more so with a wood burning fire pit where the dangers are increased with embers and fire pit pad deck protector sparks.

deck safe and sound while enjoying the warmth of your fire pit with this convenient mat from deckprotect. visit for more info low prices!

place a fire pit at least 10 feet from any possible fuel sources, including the extra firewood, house walls, deck railings or overhanging tree branches. on a wood or composite deck, a protective barrier of fire bricks, pavers or a commercially produced fire mat protects the surface of the deck. a fire mat should .

deck protect dp4002 tugh american ult and durblt. place your fire pit on any surface with no worries! free shipping!

mats but am not sure they would be fire resistant enough, i also saw where people have used tile underneath the pit. any suggestions? . personally, i'd rather see a fire pit on a patio rather than a deck, but i found a product online that could possibly be a solution to your problem: quote: .

if you're looking for a cheap fire pit heat shield and deck protector, then this fire it pad will be suitable for you. it is the cheapest of the lot and frankly, quite affordable on amazon. this protective fire pit pad deck protector is made with z-flex aluminization that reflects heat thereby protecting your deck surface .

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fire pit mat. fiberglas and hi-temperature silicone combine to protect your patio or deck. #logistics #safetyfirst.

fire pit doesn't come with a spark screen, then you will need to buy one. get a fire pit mat or pad: a fire pit mat or pad, will protect the coals from damaging your deck. you will need a pad because, sometimes the temperature of .