ppg sun proof stain rating

reviews. 4.9. (10). write a review . this action will open a modal dialog. solid color stain sealant in one. advanced urethane-fortified technology is ideal . stain sealant in one; advanced urethane-fortified technology provides tough protection against the elements; ideal for adding rich, opaque color to wood .

the trade-off is higher maintenance, because wind, rain, sun, and snow can take a toll in just a few months. that's where wood stains come in, providing a layer of protection that can keep your wood deck looking great for years; many will also do the job on . see our picks for best wood stain ratings.

this railing was getting about 7 hours of sun during that time of year . this past monday after thoroughly stripping my cedar deck, i applied ppg's timeless semi-solid deck stain to my cedar deck. today . it was resistant in some spots and in others it peeled inhome depot rarely has it anymore. there .

ppg timeless stain transparent product lineup delivers advanced penetrating oil technology that works its way deep into the wood to beautify and protect from the inside out. using proprietary ppg urethane-fortified technology, ppg timeless stain delivers exceptional protection against the elements like sun and water.

our wood stain ratings tell you how well the stains hold up over time on a deck, the more common application, and a tougher situation than siding or fences. "the sun and water beat down on the deck, snow can pile up, and even dirt and mildew spores can settle on the flat surface," says rico de paz, who .

stain sealant in one. 4.8 out of 5 stars. read reviews. 4.8. (11). write a review . this action will open a modal dialog. semi-solid stain sealant in one. advanced penetrating oil technology is ideal for adding rich color to wood decks, fences siding while allowing the texture to show.

stain + sealant in one solid color. read reviews. this solid stain + sealant in one is a high quality product that offers enhanced waterproofing protection and extended color life thanks to advanced sunblock uv defense. our maximum stain + sealant in one guarantees performance and durability.

stain that came in 3rd place in the 2005 july issue of consumer reports, wolman durastain is ideal for decks exposed to intense sun with protection lasting two to three years. recommendations; maintenance; performance; durability .

ppg stain. sunproof exterior stain ppg sunproof exterior paint sun-proof exterior stains, toners, clears and specialty products embody a time-honored pittsbugh paints' legacy. a legacy of quality. of formulas that continuously improve results. of superior protection and long-lasting beauty. this legacy has been passed on .

stain resistant wood exterior wood stains lowes exterior semi transparent wood stain deck stains exterior wood exterior stain paint exterior wood oils .

stain. advanced woodcare technology that provides exceptional protection and enduring beauty for your home. transparent penetrating wood oil . oil technology is ideal for enriching wood grain and providing high-clarity color to decks, fences siding. 4.8 out of 5 stars. read reviews. 4.8.

however when a water based stain is formulated for idiot proof application its going to fall short in every other category. its also very hard to clean . porter acri sheild is my choice but no stores in knoxville, tn. based on your experience how does ppg ultra deck stain compare to porter? ppg made a smart .

stain is an advanced stain and sealant in one that protects wood from moisture and sun damage while adding rich, opaque color. 100% acrylic formula provides excellent adhesion and durability; urethane-fortified to resist cracking and peeling; rain resistant finish within 12 hours; application down to .