building a deck on a slight slope

even in areas where this isn't the case, grade-level decks may be worth a slight premium, since they can be used to add visual interest and . a huge bonus of building a freestanding grade-level deck is that a building permit isn't required as long as the deck's area is 200 square feet or less (see 2015 irc.

building decking on a sloping garden - the law?? post by tonycasino » tue mar 30, 2010 1:12 pm. hi, i have a garden with a gentle slope going away from the house, i have neighbours to the back and sides. i want to lay decking at the bottom of the garden to make it the same level as the top. this will mean it will stand on .

arguments have been made for both level decks and slight slopes to ward off standing water. we built ours to have a very slight slope of ½ inch over a 12-foot span. note: this part of the process is the most important and time consuming. attention to detail and precision are key to making the rest of the .

slope is severe, special measures may be needed to keep the footings from slowly sliding down the hill. before you begin, evaluate your situation. in some extreme circumstancessuch as when the deck footings have to be connected to the house's foundationthe slope may be beyond the scope of a diy .