hdpe decking material in dublin

hdpe mix, creating a revolutionary composite of improved, user-friendly material that out performs other traditional pure wooden and plastic materials. with no need to be stained or sealed, you save time and money now and in.

material to withstand more use and abuse. solid non-porous boards that resist rot, splintering and cupping. built in resistance to staining,, mould and mildew. a rich selection of colours that last, a deeply embossed woodgrain. blend of wood fiber organic based pigments and high density polyethylene. our decking .

decking is perfect to decorate your garden. our garden decking can be installed by any good diy person. it is recommended when installing garden decking that good support is installed to the underside of the decking to avoid sagging. this decking originates from russia/latvia and is treated green in colour.

composite deck over a traditional deck are: it is weather resistant; it has better grip than a softwood, or hardwood deck,; it is easier to maintain and less likely to decay; it is less likely to crack or warp; it is made from 100% recycled materials; it is not susceptible it insect infestation to the same degree as .

composite decking materials on the market, our products are also shipped in reusable packaging, further easing the burdens on the environment. it's made to be 100% recyclable, allowing it's positive environmental legacy to .