what is slip resistant decking

slip-resistant decking with gripdeck® technology is available in a variety of styles. the two main stock-styles are q-grip york and q-grip canterbury anti-slip decking boards. alternatively, q-grip can be manufactured, in principle, to a design of your choice. for large anti-slip decking projects you .

slip and uv stable, with below surface fixings, dura deck is popular for swimming pool decking, both in the uk and overseas.

this very same process is then repeated on the same surface when it is wet. a lower score is clearly likely, but the issue is whether that score still deems it sufficiently slip resistant to be called anti slip. to use the description of non slip decking, the product must achieve a ptv (pendulum test value) in .

slip resistance of pedestrian access routes. surfaces which provide the direct access route (including where this is a deck) require a slip resistance of 0.4. the department of building and housing website has the basic information in a comprehensive format. the building code .

slip decking combines rubber and pressure treated softwood deck board. this product provides not only an attractive and colourful alternative to traditional timber decking but also safe, low slip surface in wet or dry conditions. walksure.

slip resistant decking boards. there are 2 quality designs of decking boards with enhanced grip characteristics within the q-deck range, q-grip york and q-grip canterbury. these deckboards are ideal for slip sensitive areas on domestic decks such as steps, outdoor smoking areas and public places such as pub's .

however it will offer a slip resistant deck and can be easily repaired with a single top up coating as required. for an alternative product and something that we regularly recommend you could have a look at a decking oil this will soak into the surface of the wood give water repellency and protection.

slip-resistant decking from quality decking. our softwood anti-slip decking boards are pre-treated, come with a 15-year warranty are made in the.

slip-resistant decking products are ideal for high-moisture environments.

slip-resistant timber decking solution which can be applied in-house to all russwood timber decking products.

decking has an extra wide non-slip insert along the centre of each deck board. this provides an enhanced and smoother slip resistant surface area that is ideal for cyclists, disabled users, wheelchairs, pushchairs as well as pedestrians. independent tests on the bonded resin / agregate non-slip show they .

slip-resistant decking boards, ideal for around swimming pools.

all of the above is great but the feature that really puts ecodek into a league of its own is the low level of maintenance required to keep the product in its smart, slip-resistant state. maintaining your slip resistant decking is as easy as giving it a simple thorough jet wash around twice a year and we are also .

slip resistant decking boards. we are a leading supplier of non-slip and anti-slip decking boards both aggregate and rubber infills.